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Mendicant Bias by DesertShyamalan
Mendicant Bias
A little bit of fanart. In retrospect, the armor was probably meant to be darker, but it was a little hard to tell with all the filters and lighting effects. I hope I at least got the rest of the details down all right.

Original Design
The work of StellarStateLogic, and part of their own rewrite of the Forerunner Saga.

Halo and related stuff (c) Bungie
Mendicant Bias design (c) StellarStateLogic
Art (c) me
Loki Portrait by DesertShyamalan
Loki Portrait
A little doodle of pre-fucknuts Loki. Not the most accurate, but the end result is all right.

Loki (c) not me
Art (c) me
EoH: Grunt Headcanon by DesertShyamalan
EoH: Grunt Headcanon
Based on a combination of the Bungie game graphics and the descriptions given in the books, a combination of monkey and dog (specifically Boston Terrier) features in the face, mostly.

Grunts/Unggoy and other Halo materials (c) Bungie
Art (c) me
Echo of Hope (c) myself and the rest of the Echo crew
TLK - Nameless Rogue by DesertShyamalan
TLK - Nameless Rogue
I accidentally a lion.

Based on a reeeeeeally old OC design from way back when in ye olden. His original name was "Liam", but that really, truly does not fit the world, so I need to find him a new one.

The Lion King and related properties (c) not me
Art and character (c) me
EoH: Grace Icon by DesertShyamalan
EoH: Grace Icon
Part of a redesign in progress. Been rereading Cryptum (written under Bungie, unlike Primordium and Silentium, so I deem the description of Forerunners in it usable and have based this character off of it), and figured out that I needed to elongate him a bit.
Don't mind the armor, it's a bit doodley and will most likely be altered for the final design.

Was screwing around with colored lineart and got carried away. Also, the background is an image yoinked from Google image search, symbol (c) Bungie, not me, etc etc

Art (aside from the background) and character (c) me
Halo and all related stuff (c) Bungie
Echo of Hope (c) myself and the Echo crew


Resident lunatic.
United States
Current Residence: Texas.
deviantWEAR sizing preference: Large/XL
Favourite genre of music: Anything but rap or country
Favourite style of art: Semi-realism
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Personal Quote: "Do not incur the wrath of slashers, for you are cute and look good with other men.
  • Listening to: Zack Hemsey's work
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  • Drinking: Dr Pepper
Three days ago, I rediscovered an old CD of our Echo of Hope mix.

I now have a YouTube playlist of over sixty songs that carry the emotions and memories and events of our original story, and all of those characters that I had previously lost to the muse-killing disaster that was the entirety of Halo 4 have returned to me. They're clanging around in my head a bit, to tell you the truth.

Our story is being properly written, now, though I doubt it will be released any time soon; it's being done in a more novelized format, in two trilogies: Echo of Hope, and Ember and Ashes. There will probably be side stories to this as well, given the huge cast of characters. We are, however, completely breaking away from 343i's interpretation of events and lore, so don't expect things to go along with their storylines. You may see similarities, but our various plots all existed before any of Halo 4's story was released. (That said, we still can't rule out that they've bugged our Xboxes. I'm only partially joking here.)

I mention this because I may be posting Halo-themed things again sometime in the near future. Grace in particular has been rattling around in my head brain thing, so there'll be more Forerunner art in the foreseeable future.

Damn I've missed this world.

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