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deviation in storage by YoruRyu


Tahitite-PartialCorruption by DesertShyamalan
Whoops my hand slipped and now I have a gemsona.

Unfortunately, she has a damaged gem. I couldn't get a humanoid shape out of her at any point, so right now this is all I've got to work with. She has the shard that was broken out of her gem embedded in her "mask", so she still has all of her mind, but her form fluxes and she can't "remember" what she originally looked like, so for now she is stuck in some variation of this wyvern-harpy-raptor form. The neck length varies heavily, and her body language tends to include a lowered head, tucked wings and other things that make her look smaller and less threatening.

She is "Tahitite" - black Tahitian pearl. Her elemental affinity is lightning. I don't know what her weapon is yet.

Art (c) me
Steven Universe (c) not me
MLP OC: Luster Bolt by DesertShyamalan
MLP OC: Luster Bolt
Copypasta'd from previous version:
I accidentally a pony OC.

Okay technically this is a pony OC/ponysona I’ve had since back in ye olden before season 2 finale, but they were due for a redesign and accurate labeling. (And the obligatory “what if” noncanon Alicorn version who could use some markings to help balance out the contrast of the magic thunderstorm mane.) I may also end up fiddling with colors some more, but for now, this is the design I’m sticking with.

Meet Luster Bolt.
Intersex, genderfluid unicorn with a talent for generating, absorbing and redirecting lightning. Usually presents as female but isn’t picky about pronouns most of the time. There are just some days, though, so it’s generally better to stick with they/them/their.

Character relevant headcanon: unicorn ponies are sometimes born with tufted tails, cloven hooves, or both (a throwback to real life unicorn myths) and some males may even grow a beard as they age (cough Star Swirl cough).

Luster Bolt has both. They are self-conscious about these traits - being teased and called Brushtail as a foal didn’t help matters - and will often wear a tail extension to disguise their most obvious quirk when out and about.

For the moment, further backstory and place of residence are unknown/in flux, as I need to get to know them better.

I've learned a little bit more while working on this. They appear to have some Zebra in their genetics somewhere


Resident lunatic.
United States
Current Residence: Texas.
deviantWEAR sizing preference: Large/XL
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Three days ago, I rediscovered an old CD of our Echo of Hope mix.

I now have a YouTube playlist of over sixty songs that carry the emotions and memories and events of our original story, and all of those characters that I had previously lost to the muse-killing disaster that was the entirety of Halo 4 have returned to me. They're clanging around in my head a bit, to tell you the truth.

Our story is being properly written, now, though I doubt it will be released any time soon; it's being done in a more novelized format, in two trilogies: Echo of Hope, and Ember and Ashes. There will probably be side stories to this as well, given the huge cast of characters. We are, however, completely breaking away from 343i's interpretation of events and lore, so don't expect things to go along with their storylines. You may see similarities, but our various plots all existed before any of Halo 4's story was released. (That said, we still can't rule out that they've bugged our Xboxes. I'm only partially joking here.)

I mention this because I may be posting Halo-themed things again sometime in the near future. Grace in particular has been rattling around in my head brain thing, so there'll be more Forerunner art in the foreseeable future.

Damn I've missed this world.

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